Steven Harris & Lucien Rees Roberts

Monday, April 17, 2017

This week we will highlight the collaboration between architect, Steven Harris and interior + landscape designer, Lucien Rees Roberts.  Their impeccably crafted combined work explores the design potential of residential life and the intersection between architecture, interior and landscape. As can be seen in there compelling projects, it is clear they both challenge and compliment one another where their scope seamlessly overlaps.

Harris and Rees Roberts' varied work is unique in character and distinctive in its point of view creating a narrative for life.  I am struck by their use of natural light and site lines to surrounding nature, use of color-subtle or bold, and clear love of art.  The result is an utterly bespoke and unique experience of space, time and inhabitability.

Check out our @neststudiohardware Instagram feed this week for more on Steven Harris and Lucien Rees Roberts.  A sampling of their collaborative work can be found below:

All images are taken from Steven Harris Architects website.  Photographs are by Scott Frances or Ty Cole.

Urban Farmhouse Reveal: Outdoor Living

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hi Everyone! Jess D back today with the final space in our Urban Farmhouse Reveal. It's been so fun sharing this project with you all. We didn't do any sort of design board for this space as my clients bought most of the furniture and then passed the selections by me.  But when I got to LA they were generally unhappy with the layout and the way the space felt.  I shifted around the seating so it felt more natural and utilized the space better and brought in some finishing touches (pillows, throws and accessories) to soften things up. I love how this space feels and am more than a little jealous of the year-round outdoor living they have in Socal.  My good friend Nancy Knapp at Weeds Garden Design did an amazing job on the plantings (pictured here just a few months old).  Can't wait to see how things look as the plants grow in and become more lush.

Michel Smith Boyd: Design Crush

Monday, April 10, 2017

Michel Smith Boyd is Nest Studio's Design Crush this week.  This well edited Atlanta designer creates cool, contemporary, and luxurious designs.  Inspired by fashion and by travel, Smith Boyd's thoughtfully designed projects are rich with multiple layers of texture, the incorporation of natural elements, and the use of sculptural furniture.

No detail overlooked in his interiors.  I just love his signature soft color palates, luxurious layers, patterns, unique accessories and sexy furniture shapes.  He also has two stunning textile rug lines through Verde Home and Feizy Rugs.

Check out our @neststudiohardware Instagram feed for more on Michel Smith Boyd.  A sampling of his projects can be found below:

Please visit our blog next week for Design Crush, Steven Harris.

Eclectic Vintage and Modern Master

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hi all, it's Kate Cabiltes!

I stumbled across the talented Rosie Case while perusing a fave blog Sketch42 recently. The home tour of this native east coast editor who moved to Texas and decorated her entire home is jaw droppingly good. Her carefully curated spaces mesh vintage finds with modern classics, often styling Craigslist steals with Vladimir Kagan or Fredrick Weinberg furniture. 

The pieces she chooses are sculptural in an array of color pops and she self proclaims her vignettes as "theatrical". What struck me when reading was how easy she made it sound to achieve looks with such seemingly unattainable pieces. While she undoubtedly has a special eye for interiors I'm looking forward to exploring the web for some hidden gems to hopefully achieve a similar effect in my own space!

Here's how to get the look in your master bedroom...

Olive Tree in Pot via Wayfair
Cactus Silk Framed Textile via St Frank
Malibu Table Lamp via One Kings Lane
S Style Chair via Overstock
Velo Coffee Table via Ultramodern
Souk Wool Rug via West Elm
Kilim Throw Pillow via The Citizenry

Inspiration image via Sketch42

10 Things: Heather Kilmer-Cruzate

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hi Everyone. We're back with another 10 things.  You've heard from me (Jess Davis), Jess Burne, Elizabeth Boland, and Sharon Michaels.  Heather is the newest member of our team.  She oversees Nest Studio’s social media efforts as well as helping Jess with her design projects and other marketing efforts.  Heather grew up on her family’s apple and peach orchard in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia where she developed a love for animals and the outdoors.  After completing her professional degree in architecture, Heather worked as a designer for Jeanne Gang in Chicago and a project architect for Diana Balmori in New York.  She left her career as an architect 5 years ago to stay home full time with her son and Basenji pup, Jingle. Thrilled to join the group of impressive women and moms who work at Nest Studio last January, Heather loves researching Design Crush Blog Posts and inspirational images for the @neststudiohardware Instragram feed

Here is a list of 10 things that make Heather’s life richer and simpler.

Coconut oil:  From culinary uses to a cooling moisturizing regime, I would be hard pressed to find something Coconut Oil can't improve.

The sound of my son laughing ... I just melt.

Oliver People's sunglasses: everything looks better through persimmon colored lenses.

This American Life:  Ira Glass is one of the best modern day storytellers.

Fresh mint, basil and thyme from my summer herb garden. 

My mischievous basenji pup:  she's the best listener, never tells my secrets and keeps me toasty at night ... what more could I want?

Sorel insulated and waterproof slimpack riding tall duck boot:  this boot has kept my feet warm and dry for years.

Rodan + Fields Eyelash Boost: I've not so secretly been envying my sons lusciously long eyelashes for years.  This eyelash boost serum actually produces results.

Yuka, my hair stylist:  from weddings to babies to moving to the burbs, this is one of my longest relationships. 

Pink Lady Apples:  my mom started growing pink ladies in her orchard a few decades ago.  Their crunchy goodness reminds me of home.

Thanks Heather! Stay tuned for more 10 things as our team grows!

Urban Farmhouse Reveal: The Powder Room

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hi Everyone!  Just a couple more spaces to go on our Urban Farmhouse Reveal. One of my favorite spaces is the powder room. It's such a little jewel box. Love the floor tile, the stone sink, shiplap and pendant light.  Here is a refresher with the design concept.

And here is the final product.  I absolutely love the vintage french mirror that we got at Nickey Kehoe.  Wish that the space was a little larger so we could have gotten some better shots. But hopefully you get the idea.

Stay tuned next week for our final space - the outdoor patio.

Katharine Pooley: Design Crush

Monday, April 3, 2017

London based interior designer, Katharine Pooley, is the focus of this week's Design Crush.  This global interior design powerhouse creates classical and contemporary interiors for the British elite and international royalty.  As an avid traveler, Pooley draws inspiration from her international experiences and creates spaces with an informed, unique and timeless beauty.

Katharine Pooley's work is characterized by an ethos of simplicity, outstanding attending to craft, and a global sensibility.  What strikes me most about her interiors are the stunning focal points and sight lines.  Her interiors are curated with a eye-catching central point such as a piece of artwork, lighting fixture or bespoke detail that anchors the entire space.  The result is a cohesive and seamless sense of luxury.

Check out our @neststudiohardware Instagram feed for more Katharine Pooley projects.  A sampling of her work can be found below:


Visit our website next week for Design Crush, Michel Smith Boyd.