On the books

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sorry for the blog silence recently.  Been super busy with various committees (chronic over-volunteering), new design projects, lots of hardware orders (yay!), and new showrooms.  I sort of took a rest from DIY projects but I do have a few things that I've been noodling around which I'll probably start in the next month or so. First off, there is this linen closet at the top of our stairs. Our contractor primed everything (and by everything I mean he even painted over the hardware and I'm pretty sure he just primed the drawers in place and I had to pry them open), but otherwise it was as-is.  It's semi organized but could probably use a little re-org. 

As you can see the drawers are in bad shape.

The bottoms are in pieces and are shifting around (here you can see the floor and my foot straight through the bottom of the drawer).

So the plan is to paint the inside of the closet a fun color, maybe do a decoupage wallpaper (ie: cheap wrapping paper I bought at target plus some modge podge), replace the drawer bottoms, and do a fun new and inexpensive brass bail pull.  I think I could also put some cork board on the inside recessed panel of the door to create some sort of message center.  I love how Jenny at Little Green Notebook revamped her closet and laundry room.

Also on the books are two furniture projects. Our knock-off Eames task chair bit the dust after our move and I've been using one of our other knock-off Eames dining chairs as a stand in desk chair.  I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted here but I was thinking something less officey (not on casters), and maybe more traditional and a fun color to break up the modern dark desk.  Of course I had trouble finding something that fit the bill and the budget.  However, the other day I was walking around our little downtown and went into Avenue Salvage and found this vintage cane back chair and a fun step stool (see below) for 30 bucks total!  I couldn't pass them up.  Now to figure out what color to paint the chair and what fabric to reupholster with. Of course, you can see that the office is a mess and needs a revamp in general, but more on that later...

The step stool is ideal because Bryan is big enough to wash his hands but can''t reach the sink even with a single step stool.  I'd looked online but most of the double step stools are super functional / ugly or really juvenile.  I was so happy to stumble upon this. The little handles are great for moving it and for when Bryan is climbing up and down.

Again, not sure what color to paint it (definitely want to do some sort of two tone like it has already), but I am definitely reminded of another one of Jenny's DIY's with her kitchen step stool.  What fun projects do you have on the books for fall?

Woman's Day Spread

Friday, October 18, 2013

So here is the actual Woman's Day spread (you'll have to head out to your local newsstand if you want to actually read the text).  I would say the photos and content are pretty much true to life (granted I do wish I owed some of the stylist's props).  I love how they did a "Get the Look" section and that the featured some of my hardware!  Thanks again Woman's Day!

Woman's Day Is Out!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

If you've been follwing me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter then you know how excited I am that our feature in Woman's Day Magazine is out.  We shot it back in July (here are some behind the scenes shots from a previous post) and the final results are in!  The feature is really great and I can't thank the crew at Woman's Day enough for their hard work, from the stylist, photographer and hair and makeup artist to the editors and writers.  Here are some of the photos that appeared in the magazine (will show you the actual spread and link to the online version shortly). 

Fall Update

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Apologies for the blog silence these last few weeks. It's been BUSY around here!  On the design front, one of my residential jobs is wrapping up, another has started back in and I'm working on a fun bar project in New York City.  I will definitely share more with you on those projects as things move along.

On the hardware front we've added new showrooms to the hardware line: Folger and Burt in the Bay Area, and Carter Hardware in Beverly Hills.  Welcome to the Nest Studio Family!  I've also been working on some new series that I hope to get prototyped soon. Very art deco in solid bronze!

I've also been planning Bryan's second birthday party and a large 80's party for a local organization that occur on the same day toward the end of the month! Needless to say, I'll be excited for the end of October.

We haven't been doing all that much around the house of late, but here are a few fall photos with our mums and pumpkins in place and the newly seeded lawn (still some brown patches but SO much better than it had been).  Happy Fall!