Urban Farmhouse Reveal: The Playroom

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hi Everyone. So for the past few weeks I've been showing you the final product on our Urban Farmhouse project. So far we have tackled the Kitchen, Living / Dining Area, Master Bedroom, and Master Bath.  Today, let's take a look at how the Play Room turned out.  Here is the design board we created.

And here are some shots of the final product. I love how playful and bright this space is.  Though buying from big box stores tends to be easier when you're designing a space (since things tend to be in stock and aren't one offs), it's nice to introduce a little vintage too. The rug is a vintage piece we got on Etsy and the art is something we sourced at one of my favorite LA vintage stores 45-Three Modern Vintage (see my post about shopping LA here).  The space is stylish without being fussy and hopefully it will grow with its inhabitants.

Stay tuned next week as we take a look at a fun little boy's room.

Design Crush: Ken Fulk

Monday, February 27, 2017

Happy Design Crush Monday!  This week we are spotlighting the magical work of event planner, interior designer, and bon vivant Ken Fulk.  Fulk's work is always stylish and sometimes over the top combining antiques, modern art and taxidermy.  Known for designing interiors and parties with panache, his projects elicit a rich sensory experience and unfold like a movie.

If you haven't had the pleasure of attending a Ken Fulk event or visiting one of his spaces, Pottery Barn released a stunning new Ken Fulk Collection.

Check out the @neststudiohardware Instagram feed this week for more of Ken Fulk's work.  A sampling is also below:

Check out next week's blog featuring the work of architect Carlos Scarpa.

Modern Office Space

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hi, it's Kate Cabiltes!

I bookmarked an office tour of a space designed by Meredith Heron featured on Style Me Pretty several years ago and I keep coming back to it. Meredith's timeless style is evident in her office makeover which resulted in a finished space that is energizing and yet sophisticated. This Toronto interior designer used neutrals and jewel tones to fill this room. With velvet chairs and a sleek white table, a bold textured look is achieved. She placed several cowhide mosaic rugs in various patterns on the already carpeted floor, a smart trick to separate a room into various work areas. By adding a large fiddle leaf fig, the energy in the room expands dramatically, creating a vibrant area to get work done and also worthy of spending time with colleagues or clients as needed. 

Here's how to get the look in your office...

Scalloped Ceiling White Light via Target
Hadley Nested Boxes via Home Decorators Collection
Round Fiberglass Dining Table via BizChair.Com
Chevron Rug via Kathy Kuo Home
Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree via Target
Goldfinger Lounge Chair via Jonathan Adler

Inspiration Image via Style Me Pretty

Urban Farmhouse Reveal: the Master Bath

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hi Everyone! Last week I shared with you the master bedroom reveal on the urban farmhouse project I worked on out in LA. Today, let's check out the master bath.  As a refresher, here is the original concept.

This is one of my favorite spaces. I love the hanging lights, stained wood and the gallery wall.

Stay tuned next week for the play room reveal!

Design Crush: Elizabeth Metcalfe

Monday, February 20, 2017

This week we are highlighting the work of the impeccable Canadian designer, Elizabeth Metcalfe.  Known for her understated luxe interiors, Metcalfe has a sophisticated style, subdued color pallet, and flawless attention to detail.  Her highly personalized residences are luxurious but also welcoming, warm and authentic.  Revered for her attention to detail, Metcalfe experiments with innovative hardware and fixtures which are often showcased her kitchens, bathrooms and built-ins.

She is one of our favorite designers to collaborate with and we love seeing what she can do with our Nest Studio Hardware lines.

Check out our Instagram feed (@neststudiohardware) to see more work from Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design.  Below is a sampling of her work:

Check out our blog next week for Design Crush Ken Fulk.

Narrowing down our exterior color

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hi Everyone. A while back I posted about our exterior color scheme. Well spring is coming and it's time to narrow things down. I had mostly decided upon a dark blue/green and have been looking at some swatches on the house.  This was what I had kind of narrowed it down to.

And here are some of the swatches (leaning toward the middle right).

Then Scott and I went up to the Berkshires last weekend. There are lots of Victorian homes up there and I saw one that was this pinky peach color and thought to myself, that could be so fun. Here is a photo of it on a drive by (cloudy skies made the color read more yellow in the photo).

I've always been drawn to houses that are painted that sort of salmon color. Especially in conjunction with dark green. I think it's a very southern combination. Here are some concept photos.

The problem is our house doesn't have shutters. And as you can see in these photos, dark window sashes help to contrast against the light house color and light trim.  But we've already talked about how I can't paint my sashes dark because we have light colored storm windows I can't paint.  Doh!  It always comes back to that. Plus, most of these houses have a 3-4 color scheme going on. And I think our house needs at least five colors. Which made me realize that I think I need another more bold accent color anyways. We have the dark blue/green on the house, white on the trim, a minty green on the paneled area, rust on some of the other cutout trim, but there are some other small trim areas that need yet another color. Enter the peachy pink. Sort of a lighter version of the rust.  Here is the new palette I'm thinking (btw, every time I formatted the below image the mint green turned into a hi-lighter green - ack!).

And how it might look executed on the house.

What do you think?  Too crazy?  Too much going on?