More thoughts on Exterior Paint Color

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

As we enter the height of winter, that means one thing.... spring is around the corner! I know, it's hard to imagine as forecasts of snow are now on the horizon. But now is when you have to start planning your big spring projects. And here at Chez Davis our big spring project is going to be painting the exterior of our house.  Just as a reminder here is what the outside of the house looks like now (sans the new picket fence).

In a previous post I'd explored the idea of a more historic color scheme including painting the window sashes dark.

While I love a dark window sash, it just won't work with our existing storm windows. I next thought about a grey palette.

I like the direction but it seems a little bland.

There is a sort of peacock blue house around the corner that I love so I thought this might be fun.

But then circled back to an even darker grey with a few more colored accents.

I'm totally on the fence. I think I need to experiment with actual swatches when the weather warms up.  What do you think?

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