Stylin' Mamma: PJ Dressing

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I am not going to lie to you: this PJs-as-fashion moment is speaking to me.  Not in the way that the athleisure moment speaks to me -- I wear my workout clothes to work out, thanks.  More in a kind of elegant-yet-comfortable way that can translate to the office, or (dare to dream) Date Night.

Any fashion enthusiast worth her salt will post some caveats around PJ-dressing.  These are my Top Three:
  1. Nice shoes, nice hair, nice sunglasses, nice bag: REQUIRED.  Your clothes can be comfortable but the rest of you needs to telegraph chic.
  2. Fit is everything.  Keep the cuts trim and cropped, not baggy or oversized.
  3. Fabric is also everything.  This is not the time for cotton jammies.  Opt instead for satins, nice wools, or high-quality knits.
There are really two ways to take this look: one is in the direction of knitwear.  With a structured satchel and a pair of sleek flats, this is a great alternative to a pantsuit for work.  I like to choose two pieces in the same color (such as the gray outfit pictured here), or in two complementary, neutral shades (tan and cream, for example, or black and white).  If your day calls for something a little more formal, then a sleek heel with a pointed toe adds length and glamour.

The second option, for holiday-party drama, is PJs-as-tuxedo.  For this look choose a dark or jewel-toned color palette and a slightly cropped, slightly flared pant.  A strappy sandal or bejeweled slide finishes it off.

Too much?  Too soon?  Riff on the look (and reap many of the same comfort benefits) by pairing a tunic-style sweater with wide-leg cropped jeans for day, or a satiny PJ-style shirt with skinny jeans and heels for evening.  


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