Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here is a better image of both lanterns in the room together - and Scott standing precariously on a ladder cleaning one.

Serious salivation

When I think of the grilled wild boar bacon at Little Doms

Although this looks mighty good too

The House

Monday, March 29, 2010

is coming along

Before (ski chalet style)

During (sad fireplace with cardboard face)

Now (not "After" since it's not done yet - lots of new stuff)

And first dinner party under new very large lanterns


New Fave magazine

Who's going to make me one of these cute Scandinavian pillows - super easy DIY
And these moss panels are cool, but more importantly where do I get this dress?


is by far the best BBQ in LA - I would maybe even go so far as to say the best BBQ I've ever had. AND it's in Eagle Rock!

not to sweet, perfect spiciness
Collard Greens = yum
Mac and Cheese = yum
Fried Chicken = yum
Cute little cottage it is housed in also = yum

This is

Friday, March 26, 2010

A fun room....

It also makes me want to eat an artichoke or an avocado.

45 Three Modern Vintage

One of my favorite stores for fun funky vintage furniture and accessories. The owner Staci gave up a high powered career to follow her dream of owning a furniture store. She shops the flea markets and estate sales for you and curates everything delightfully. Tucked away on Fairfax in Little Etheopia, it's hard to know this little treasure is there. Stop in and say hi and then continue on to Messob Etheopian food down the street for some delectible spiciness.

Weekly Weeds

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carpenteria californica, commonly known as tree anemone, is an oxymoron to be sure. A shy, uncommon weed

In nature, it’s found only in a tiny area of 20 square miles in the foothills of the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains here in California. Yet it grows like a weed (if a bit of a sensitive one) in that it survives and reproduces in a harsh environment of annual drought, extreme heat and cold.

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t seem to like its native environment very much. During stressful, waterless times it droops, wilts, turns yellow & half dead only to pop back to its very attractive state with some rain. Compared to its native neighbors, it is a show-off, producing an ostentatious display of blooms happily pollinated by local insects, loads of viable seeds but a net result of almost no seedlings. Most of the typical California native evergreen plants have developed much more sangfroid in their survival strategy.

And the poor plant was not even discovered properly. An explorer, J. Charles Fremont, found it in the 1840’s, but unfortunately he was a bit confused as to his actual whereabouts at the time, so it was lost again for almost half a decade. Somehow, in the meantime, it ended up in the UK and Europe, where it is still very popular. In fact, there are cultivars available there of which we can only dream.

After a century and a bit, it has finally made its roundabout way back into cultivation here in the US, and is available as an absolutely lovely bushy plant with scads of fabulous big white scented flowers, blooming for several months of the year. And as long as you don’t impose a complete watering hiatus upon it (though it is considered drought tolerant) it will give you nice foliage as well.

An added bonus is that if your house burns down, Carpenteria californica grows back and multiples best after a good, raging fire. Also, it apparently tastes quite bitter and is unappealing to sheep and deer, should that be an issue.

If you have a spot for a really pretty survivor do consider the tree anemone.

Bird is optional, but makes a nice addition....

Weekly Weeds provided by

Nancy Knapp
Weeds Garden & Interior Design

I Heart Design by Avenue

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shout out to the ladies at Avenue Design

They have created the ultimate one stop shop for accessible hip design services. Check out their site at I Heart Design by Avnue. Pick your style, send in your dimensions, they provide your design and you purchase everything through them. Check out some of their fun looks:

Adler Animals

Monday, March 22, 2010

These Jonathan Adler animals are super cute

I have been coveting them for my one day future child's bedroom (no, I'm not preggers!)

But why are they so expensive? Can anyone explain this? And can anyone find me an alternative source for super cute leather animals?


no, really. OK

So it's a bit out of my "area" persay but it warrants a posting. Friend and fellow design junkie Larry Schaeffer started OK store on 3rd street and has been successfully operating it for several years now. The secret to his success is an artfully curated collection of jewelry, home accessories, gadgets, design books, and gift items from around the globe. It's the perfect place to stop in after brunch at Joans on Third, Toast, or Quality Good & Beverage (can you tell that I like brunch?). Larry is great at guiding you to the perfect gift for that special someone - Just ask my husband. OK, so I guided Scott to OK, and Larry took it from there.

Free Mulch

Friday, March 19, 2010

Otherwise known as fmulch or frulch or freech

Where does all that stuff go that you throw into your green bin?

Yes, the City of LA provides free mulch. Bring your own shovel and pile it in.

Also... too...

Kind of awesome.
1stDibs... oh how I love thee.


Love it!

Digging for Gold

So, I had my second adventure on the LA Metro this morning. Took the Gold Line to work from the Del Mar Stop. I'm starting to brew up a little Gold Line Adventure as a weekend event. Here is what I'm thinking so far, Who's In?

- Start at Del Mar in Pasadena and have an early brunch at Le Grande Orange (previously mentioned), Elements Kitchen, or Central Park Cafe.

-Hop on the Gold Line toward downtown for just $1.25.

- Take a trip to the Southwest Museum (yes, it's the Southwest Museum stop) and increase your knowledge of the Native Americans of the west

- Get back on the Gold Line headed south and get off at the Chinatown stop and walk north Spring / Alameda St to the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Walk amongst the meadows of native flowers and enjoy the natural scenery smack in the middle of industrial LA.

- After burning off some calories stop off for a late lunch at the Los Angeles institution Phillipe French Dips

- Do a little shopping in the trinket shops along Hill and Broadway in Chinatown

- Next, hop back on the metro going back toward Pasadena and get of in SoPas at the Mission stop.

- Take a walk down Mission enjoying the quaint small town feel. Stop in for a pre-dinner drink at Mike & Annes

- Mosey along Mission and make a left on Fair Oaks. Duck into Gus's Barbeque. By now you have worked up an appetite and what better way to satisfy it than to chow down on some of LA's best BBQ.

- Hop back on the Gold Line and head Home (or to the Black Boar Bar in Eagle Rock - to be featured in a later post).


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I think the name says it all.

And the logo.

In case you are in need of a really large industrial fan for your next loft or warehouse rehab project.

Not only that but their "mASScot" is an Ass named Fannie - and you can get your own free Fannie to dress up!

Weekly Weeds

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm starting a little segment called Weekly Weeds that my friend and Garden Designer
Nancy Knapp will be contributing to.

Welcome Nancy and Welcome to Weekly Weeds.

Ask anyone what is a weed and you'll get a barrowful of different answers. Dandelions..clover..ivy..sunflowers.. Sunflowers?

“Weeds” are really in the eye of the beholder. A beautiful peony in a field of corn (don't even get me started on monocultures) would be considered a weed, after all.

It’s a thankless job nowadays being a weed, poisoned or chopped to extinction. Yet, historically weeds were often let be to keep erosion at bay, to channel nutrients to topsoil from deep below, and encourage pollinators. Weeds were also gathered for medicines, foods such as wild carrots and strawberries (have you seen the price of dandelion greens at Whole Foods?) and useful materials like hemp, in both its licit and illicit forms.

Then there are plants that act like weeds but can pass as invited botanical guests in your garden. It all depends on the gardener and the context.

I think it’s high time to give “weeds” a chance.

Now, I’m not advising filling your borders with stinging nettles, unless you are planning to throw a fabulous nettle soup dinner party. What I am suggesting is to look for those plants which embody the spirit of a weed, its exuberance, energy, grow-forth and conquer attitude. And if you can cook it, so much the better.

So, which “weeds” qualify? Which are beautiful, hardy, non-invasive and, especially for these drought-conscious days? Which avoid being prissy, high-maintenance water hogs?

Let’s start with a classic, the Santa Barbara Daisy.

Santa Barbara Daisy, Erigeron karvinskianus, aka Mexican Daisy, is about as tough as they come. This plant thrives on being cut down only to spring back up into beautiful mounds with scads of tiny daisy flowers. Once it is established, just throw a little water on it when you think about it and mow it down periodically. Sorry, but you can’t eat this one.

A word of caution: as with anything, when it comes to weeds or weedy plants, you can have too much of a good thing. Some, like the Japanese Knotweed, may even have the USDA down on you with hazmat suits and nasty chemicals. Not-weed? I don’t think so. Watch it grow like crazy.

Nancy Knapp
Weeds Garden & Interior Design

Fave New Store

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best way to describe this place is as a cabinet of curiosities. Amazing selection of jewelry a la Halloween in Philly. Fun, funny and slightly-off greeting cards. Accessories. Ridiculous sculpture that everyone needs (think chains with mini skulls and beavers wearing crowns). Very odd, but I dare you not to like it.

Hair Salons

If you have any good hair salons in the Pasadena area, let me know. In the meantime I have been collecting ridiculous hair salon names that I've come across over the years. Please feel free to add to the list:

Hair Adventure
The Crazy Scissors
Tangles Salon
Hair Spectrum
Blaine! School of Beauty (exclamation point must be included in intonation)

Craigslist Find

Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, if only I had a warehouse where I could store cool furniture, refinish it and gradually sell it off. This coffee table is the perfect candidate. For $100 you can take it home and paint the bottom wood portion a fun bright color:

Coffee Table

So we got a new coffee table (well, actually an old coffee table) from 2 Bad Vintage in Echo Park. Found it on craigslist. Like the rust colored iron bottom. What color should I paint the top? I'm thinking a cream-ish high gloss.


these shoes from Lady Eagle Rock.
Add Image
Can't decide if they would actually be comfortable though. Perhaps a visit to them in person is in order

Really though....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

He said specifically "don't say on your blog that I never let you have any fun..."

Actually, he got to do work on this glorious day (albeit working while lounging on the patio on our new not-yet-upholstered foam cushions), while I went to lunch with the girls at Le Grande Orange in Pasadena. Fun.

I can't believe I didn't know about this place before. On Raymond St. Right across from Central Park in Pasadena. Hit up the Pasadena antiques stores on a Sunday morning and then stop in for brunch on the beautiful patio. Order a pitcher of white sangria and then wander around Old Town for the rest of the afternoon. Just make sure that you set some ground rules for shopping post-sangria. Also, parking is $2 with validation (found out after letting meter run out and getting a $45 ticket - so much for my afternoon of shopping). Or better yet, take the metro which stops right next to the restaurant which is housed in an old train depot. How urban.

My Husband

never lets me have any fun.

Night on the town Los Feliz style

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Adventure in Los Feliz last night:

Tangier Restaurant - Morrocan name, Korean BBQ, life sized anime figurines,wait staff that yells crazy japanese stuff. I'd say that's the dream combination for a dining experience no?

Mexico City - Those is some damn strong margaritas

The Dresden - what's with the strange 50 something woman dressed to go to IKEA singing into the mic and doing the crazy bop? I like the old couple, but this woman....

Rock Row Townhomes

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rock Row, LA's first LEED Certified Subdivision is about to be sold out. The final townhome (actually they are zoned as single family residences) is up for grabs. There is an open house from 12-5 this Sunday. The floor plans are really cool Great indoor/outdoor spaces. Maybe not altogether child-friendly. And definitely not friendly to those with sore marathon-training knees. Come join our little neighborhood!



The first post of my life as a blogger.

The plan?

a little bit of Daily Candy, a tad Apartment Therapy, a dash of Yelp, a smidgen of Sunset Mag, a pinch of I Suwannee

A guide to all things both awesome or despicable (based on my opinion) interiors, fashion, landscape, green living, restaurants, bars. You name it. If I do it (shop, eat, drink, plant, create etc) it will be on here.