Narrowing down our exterior color

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hi Everyone. A while back I posted about our exterior color scheme. Well spring is coming and it's time to narrow things down. I had mostly decided upon a dark blue/green and have been looking at some swatches on the house.  This was what I had kind of narrowed it down to.

And here are some of the swatches (leaning toward the middle right).

Then Scott and I went up to the Berkshires last weekend. There are lots of Victorian homes up there and I saw one that was this pinky peach color and thought to myself, that could be so fun. Here is a photo of it on a drive by (cloudy skies made the color read more yellow in the photo).

I've always been drawn to houses that are painted that sort of salmon color. Especially in conjunction with dark green. I think it's a very southern combination. Here are some concept photos.

The problem is our house doesn't have shutters. And as you can see in these photos, dark window sashes help to contrast against the light house color and light trim.  But we've already talked about how I can't paint my sashes dark because we have light colored storm windows I can't paint.  Doh!  It always comes back to that. Plus, most of these houses have a 3-4 color scheme going on. And I think our house needs at least five colors. Which made me realize that I think I need another more bold accent color anyways. We have the dark blue/green on the house, white on the trim, a minty green on the paneled area, rust on some of the other cutout trim, but there are some other small trim areas that need yet another color. Enter the peachy pink. Sort of a lighter version of the rust.  Here is the new palette I'm thinking (btw, every time I formatted the below image the mint green turned into a hi-lighter green - ack!).

And how it might look executed on the house.

What do you think?  Too crazy?  Too much going on?

Urban Farmhouse Reveal: The Master Bedroom

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hi there!  Jess here with a few more Urban Farmhouse Reveal shots.  Last week we showed you the living / dining space and the week before was the kitchen, featuring our bespoke hardware.  Today we're showcasing the master bedroom.  Here is the original concept board.

And here is the space completed.  I love the little reading nook with my client's father's vintage leather chair.  And I absolutely love the pillows on the bed that we got from Nickey Kehoe.  The space turned out to be so luxurious, airy and inviting.

Stay tuned next week as we show off the final product on the play room.

Design Crush: Catherine Kwong

Monday, February 13, 2017

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we are kicking off our new Nest Studio Design Crush series by highlighting the work of the fabulous west coast designer, Catherine Kwong.  This first designer is beyond crushable.  

Catherine seems to be able to accomplish the impossible . . . sophisticatedly tailored interiors that are simultaneously edgy, spaces that are luxurious yet intimate, and a seamless blending of different styles and materials.  Best of all, Catherine Kwong really understands how to use hardware.  In 2012 she told SFGate:

"Want to know a trick that all the best decorators use?  Start with the hardware.  Whether it's a vintage, one-of-a-kind door handle or sleek, minimal cabinet pulls, use it as a starting point and design your cabinetry, furniture and doors around it.  With beautiful hardware, even the simplest piece of furniture can be truly amazing.  The result is something that looks like an intentional statement, not an afterthought."

We couldn't agree more!

Check out our Instagram feed this week @neststudiohardware for more glimpses of work by Catherine Kwong.  Here is a sampling of her work:

Check out our blog next week for Design Crush Elizabeth Metcalfe.

Moody Farmhouse Kitchen

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Happy February, it's Kate Cabiltes again!

I am a complete HGTV fan and worship any home designed by Joanna Gaines. This cozy space by Gaines lined in white subway tile backsplash and open shelving is farmhouse kitchen heaven! It boasts carrara marble countertops with a farmhouse sink and is filled with various rustic accoutrements like hanging pendant lamps and loads of wooden and cast iron serving ware. The dark green paint covering the cabinets adds a moody vibe that is super chic but still has warmth to it.

Here's how to get the look in your kitchen...

Hektar Pendant Lamp via Ikea
Brizo Kitchen Faucet via eFaucets
Le Creuset Cast Iron French Oven via Macy's
White Carrara Marble via The Home Depot
White Polished Glass Tile via Tilebar
Hairpin Stool via Cult Furniture
Studio Green Paint via Farrow & Ball

Inspiration image via HGTV

Urban Farmhouse Reveal: The Living Room

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hi Folks.  I hope you enjoyed the reveal of the Urban Farmhouse Kitchen. I love how our decorative hardware adds a touch of luxury to to what would otherwise feel more simple clean and a tad rustic.  The kitchen is open to the living and dining areas so today I wanted to show you the rest of that space.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  It's clean, boho farmhouse and really a unique bespoke space for the family that lives there.  You may recall, here is the concept board I created way back when.

And some progress shots as we were moving forward.

I made two trips out to LA. The final trip we bought accessories and really styled up the house and had a photo shoot (nothing like a shoot to make you finish a project).  Here is the reveal.

Stay tuned next week for more spaces from the project!

Urban Farmhouse Reveal: The Kitchen

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hi Everyone. It's been a while since I posted about our Urban Farmhouse project. I finally went out to LA toward the end of last year and finished up the accessorizing and styling and shot the house for my portfolio. Now it's time to share.  First up is the kitchen. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and am more than a little jealous of my clients' space.  If you recall here is the design plan from way back when. We switched out our satin brass knobs and pulls for chrome down the line, but otherwise it has remaind pretty much the same from the get go.

And here are some shots of the final product including polished chrome custom hardware from my Nest Studio Facets Collection.  I love the bespoke high-end look that the long pulls give and I am totally digging the waterfall edge on the island the two tone cabinets.  And it's especially fun to see when a sketch like the one above translates so well to the actual final product!

Stay tuned next week when I show you the living / dining space!