DISC Interiors: Design Crush

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's Heather here with our Nest Design Crush, the fabulous duo from DISC Interiors, Krista Schrock and David John Dick.  DISC Interiors has mastered the science of designing interiors that age beautifully.  Their designs are"broken-in" with age rather than become dated over time.  They thoughtfully design for the natural evolution and weathering of materials.  DISC states:

"We source material that transform with light and organic textures that patina gently like metals that burnish with touch, leathers that often, and floorboards that reveal more of a home's soul with every year."

I love this poetic approach to the ephemeral nature of interior materiality.  While landscape architects and facade architects design with the notion of how time will change their design, it's not a consideration is often discussed in the interior design world.

The calibrated simplicity of DISC Interior's aesthetic produces balanced spaces with form, intent, function, and comfort.  Their restrained palette of earthy tones, vintage finds and bespoke furniture, balance the function demands of modern life.  Their homes feel contemporary, yet classic and familiar.  Their subtlety curates an artful ease with modernity.

Check out our @neststudiohardware Instagram feed this week for more DISC Interiors projects.  A sampling of their work can be found below:

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