Blogger Style Challenge: Design StILes

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thanks to Irene from DesignstILes for creating this fun hip mom outfit:
Although I'm not a new mom, or mom for that matter, I do know once my time comes, I'll want to continue to try and dress stylishly.
Time is limited once you've got a baby on board, so it's important to rely on a few key pieces you can easily jump into when it's time to dash out the door.
1. Hopefully the baby weight comes off and you can fit into some slim fit cropped jeans.
2. Hide those tired eyes behind some aviators. They look good on anyone.
3. Show you can be a bit edgy with this snakecharmer belt.
4. I find boots with a low heel to be quite comfortable. Give yourself a bit of extra height with these suede boots.
5. A fun colored shopper handbag large enough to carry mom and baby's belongings.
6. A striped tee has never gone out of style. Points to being comfortable and stylish.
Here's to staying stylish, mommas.
Thank you for having me, Jess!

Weekend Finds on Instagram

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We were cruising around this weekend running errands and getting supplies for our impending bathroom renovation when I happened on several fun inexpensive finds for the home.  Enjoy!
Clockwise from top left:  All of these pendants from Home Depot were under $100. Great for a kitchen or powder room. I love the ones with the exposed edison bulbs and vintage feel.  The rest of the items were from Target. The basket is very similar to some that West Elm had. The lamp bases could really be dressed up with the right shade and this cute littel side table was a steal.

Apartment Therapy: The Homies - SEND A VOTE MY WAY!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hi Friends - I know it's unusual to have such a flurry of posts within a 24 hour period, but I just had to share.  I was just nominated for the Apartment Therapy Homies which award blogs each year as the best blog in a certain category. 
I've been nominated in the Best Family Blog and Best Home Design Blog As I'm sure most of you know, Apartment Therapy has a huge online presence, and any recognition by them is such a great way to drive traffic to one's blog.  So I would love your support in this. Please vote for The Eagle's Nest by going here and here. Scroll down until you find my blog (right now I have 2 votes and 1 vote respectively, if that helps). And VOTE.  Get your friends, coworkers, family and neighbors to vote as well.

Thanks in advance!!!

Stool Sample

OK, indeed that is a horrible pun, but I just couldn't help myself.  There are so many fun options out there for seating for our little tikes.
[1] Cory Grosser Turtle Turtle Stool
[2] Serena and Lily Elephant Pouf
[3] CB2 Poodle Pouf
[4] West Elm White Wood Stool
[5] Jonathan Adler Hippo
[6] Bilibo toy/stool
[7] Serena and Lily Havana Stool

Happy Monday

Bryan is turning into quite the talker

Friday Fancies: Hollywood Glamour

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's Friday Fancies channels the Oscars with some Hollywood Glamour.  I like me a formal function but recently I've been liking dual purpose dresses. This one you could dress up for an Oscar Party or dress down for an outdoor cocktail event.  Also love the bold ethnic feel.

[1] Noritame Necklace
[2] BCBG Arlenis Evening Gown
[3] Yoox Carol Bag
[4] Etsy Ring
[5] Michael Kors Eliza Sandal

Elephant Ceramics

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Loving the hand-made pared-down quality of these pieces from Elephant Ceramics

Master Bedroom Drapery - The Big Reveal

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well, I've finally finished up painting the master bedroom drapery. It was a long process, but I'm very happy with the results. The paint isn't super opaque but the imperfections give it a sort of block printed feel.  Remember this was the original concept which I'd narrowed down from several options:
And what it looked like prior to painting.
In progress... Textile Medium was the key to this phase.
And the final product.
The draperies shrunk when washing (lesson #1 - wash first and then hang hardware), so if you look closely they're a tad short. Maybe one day I'll get around to doing something about it, but they're fine for now and definitely add the layer of softness to the wall that I was looking for.

Blogger Style Challenge: Leigh's Layers

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good friend and fashionista Leigh prepared this fun springy outfit for our Blogger Style Challenge.  Those wedges look pretty comfy and I'm really liking the red pants.
[1] ModCloth On Pointe Top
[2] Kate Spade Flicker Scout Handbag
[3] Forever 21 Glitter Bangle Set
[4] Anthropologie Jones Wide-leg Pants
[5] Anthropologie Lustrous Heights Wedges

Happy Monday

Monday, February 20, 2012

Today is little Bry-man's 4 month birthday.  Can't believe he's already so old!

Friday Fancies: Exotic Locales

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This week's Friday Fancies has me lusting after exotic locations. This outfit is breezy, practical and comfortable.

[01] Asos leather barrel bag
[02] Old Navy Women's Jersey Stretch Tanks
[03] ModCloth Hey Jade Necklace
[04] Madewell Swedish Hasbeen Clogs
[05] Madewell Charmed Ring Set
[06] Anthropologie Blurred Dahlia Wide Legs


So the Eagle's Nest is in need of a little revamp.  I love my logo and font but let's be honest, the Eagle's Nest is not exactly "A local guide to all things relevant."  For one, aside from my own house and the local sources I find and use, the rest of my blog is fairly universal and non location specific.  I try to keep things relevant but I don't cover politics, the economy, science etc, so who am I kidding, I'm certainly not writing about ALL things relevant.  So first off, I'm in dire need of a new tag line. It can be a series of words, a phrase as it was before, or something humorous and off-kilter.  I'm just not sure what it should be.  I did a little brainstorming below but would love any reader input.

Secondly, I was reading Bri's post about color at Design Love Fest. Color is so important. Right now I'm not sure about the colors of my logo / banner.  I like the dark color of the text and logo but the papery background may be a little too "eco" looking for me.  I love to be green, but that isn't necessarily the look I'm going for.  So I started thinking about colors I like - colors that I love in interiors, in fashion etc. Generally speaking I'm not a kelly green, fuschia preppy girly girl.  I love masculine colors in interiors and fashion - navy, black, every shade of grey. With a pop of white and maybe a chartreuse and burn orange and some brass mixed in.  I'm thinking my palette looks sort of like this. What are your thoughts on color? When you think of me and my blog (IF you think about me and my blog at all) do certain colors come to mind?

Hardware Line Update

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Year in May I blogged about my Nest Studio for Inlight hardware line that was introduced at the HD show in Vegas. Well the hardware has been photographed, tear sheets are done and the items are officially in Inlights standard line. We're still working out the logistics of stocking and launching the line in the residential market but I thought I'd give you a peek at the current pieces. Feel free to send me an email if you're interested or need pricing.

Valentines Blogger Style Challenge: Bessie's Bright Weekend

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My coworker Bessie put together a great little mom's weekend outfit  - maybe for brunch or a jaunt to old town Pasadena.  I love the "Mrs" earrings - a fun little Valentines Day reminder.
[1] Kate Spade 'Say Yes - Mrs' Stud Earrings
[2] Kelly Wearstler Airbrush Squares Scarf
[3] Michael Kors Medium Bedford Satchel
[4] J Crew Perfect Gingham Shirt
[5] Kenneth Cole Ladie's Watch
[6] Express Zelda Jean Legging 
[7] Kate Spade Faceted Bangle
[8] J Crew Olympia Suede Sandal

Happy Monday

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brought to you by our newest sponsor babawowo

Friday Fancies: Date Night

Friday, February 10, 2012

A fun little outfit for Valentines date night out with the hubby for today's Friday Fancies.... not that I get to do that very often these days, but a girl can dream. And certainly this outfit is child-friendly enough that we could take Bryan with us. The scarf is perfect for covering up a little spit-up :)

[1] Parisian Pendant Frame Earrings
[2] Forever 21 Abstract Pattern Scarf
[3] Madewell Dawnlight Silk Dress
[4] Casio Mini Digital Watch
[5] Forever 21 Beaded Bangle Set
[6] Asos Slot Through Clutch
[7] Steve Madden Amazed Pumps
[8] Swoop There It Is Belt

Blogger Style Challenge: Rebecca Jones from Low Life Couture

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thanks Becca!  Love this outfit.  Can't wait to see everyone else's creations (remember you have until the end of February to submit a fun outfit styled for mom)

I am honored to be here from LowLife Couture with my "back to reality" outfit for a new mom!
I am convinced this comfortable but glamorous get up would make anyone feel like a million bucks.

Hope you enjoy, and come visit my world!


Guest Post: Because It's Awesome

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thanks Tobe for the below post about fun kid's stuff. I think I'm going to have to add those adorable sneakers to Bryan's wish list.  And some of you may recognize some similarities between some of Tobe's favorite nurseries and the sneak peek's of Bryan's rooms that I've shown:

Hello, nesters! Tobe here from because it's awesome, pretty happy to be filling in for Jess today. When Jess and I first talked about topics of discussion and she suggested that practically anything under the sun was an option, I, of course, went immediately to the wee ones. I've loved seeing the updates of her little man, haven't you? Even though i'm not quite there yet, my husband and I recently went from an urban loft to our own suburban treasure, and i can't help but dream about the day I get to turn one of our rooms into a nursery! In honor of those little bundles of love, i've rounded up some adorable kid items and nurseries that I have tucked away in my own inspiration folder.
First up, shoes. who among us can resist such cute duds for a sweet babe's feet?

I don't know about you, but nothing says fun learning to me like all the colors of the rainbow.

when it comes to bedtime, i assume there are always a few essentials

And just in case a few of you fall into the mommy-to-be category and are in the process of creating the perfect space for your wee one, behold just a few of my favorite kid-friendly rooms:
a cup of jo, home of jenna lyons
 cluck cluck sew

 pure style home

lay baby lay

  apartment therapy, home of design crisis

cococozy, design by the brooklyn home company

 d home, photography by aimee herring
 elements of style

Thanks for having me, Jess! ox

Happy Monday

Monday, February 6, 2012

So I've moved my Friday Bryan posts to Monday since I'm participating in Friday Fancies.  Enjoy!

Friday Fancies: Spring Fling

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey there friends! I'm doing a little switcheroo and posting a style board on Friday now as part of Long
 Distance Loving's Friday's Fancies.  This week is a style board inspired by Spring.  Enjoy! Monday I'll be back with a Baby Bryan Update. 
[1] Anthropologie Margueritte Chandelier Earrings
[2] Old Navy Crochet Scarf
[3] Maryl Tote by Fabric and Handle
[4] Forever 21 Stretch Chain Bracelet Set
[5] Madewell Stucco Stripe Songbird Dress
[6] Mossimo Espadrille Wedge Sandals

Style My Nest: Master Bedroom Nightstands

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So on any given day the bed wall in our room looks like this.
If we have time, the decorative throw pillows may make it from the floor to the bed.  Scott's always reading about 20 books at a time and therefore has a huge collection on his nightstand.  Then there's the basket under my nighstand that is there to catch all the items (glasses, pens etc) that the cat knocks off in her early morning quests to get us to wake up and feed her.  And of course, there's the old school CD player alarm clock and the newly added baby monitor.  All in all, not a pretty sight.

So, last weekend, I set about doing a little styling - second post in my styling series.  I made Scott get rid of a good number of books (he got a Kindle for Christmas for a reason!), added some accessories, framed photos and fresh flowers. Voila, looks so much better.
Of course, the reality is that it will really look like the below most of the time.  The flowers, framed photo, and silver dish had to be moved elsewhere.  The cat would just have too much fun knocking all of that off our nightstands at 5am.  And of course the baby monitor and alarm clock, while not aesthetically pleasing are practical and had to be returned to their rightful locations.
I'm thinking one of these days I'd like to move these nightstands to our guest room and get rattan tray table style nightstands - slightly larger to fill the space - and a nice contrasting color - the black sort of gets lost.   AND a tray style top with a lip would help tremendously with the cat issues. What do you think?