Style My Nest: Master Bedroom Nightstands

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So on any given day the bed wall in our room looks like this.
If we have time, the decorative throw pillows may make it from the floor to the bed.  Scott's always reading about 20 books at a time and therefore has a huge collection on his nightstand.  Then there's the basket under my nighstand that is there to catch all the items (glasses, pens etc) that the cat knocks off in her early morning quests to get us to wake up and feed her.  And of course, there's the old school CD player alarm clock and the newly added baby monitor.  All in all, not a pretty sight.

So, last weekend, I set about doing a little styling - second post in my styling series.  I made Scott get rid of a good number of books (he got a Kindle for Christmas for a reason!), added some accessories, framed photos and fresh flowers. Voila, looks so much better.
Of course, the reality is that it will really look like the below most of the time.  The flowers, framed photo, and silver dish had to be moved elsewhere.  The cat would just have too much fun knocking all of that off our nightstands at 5am.  And of course the baby monitor and alarm clock, while not aesthetically pleasing are practical and had to be returned to their rightful locations.
I'm thinking one of these days I'd like to move these nightstands to our guest room and get rattan tray table style nightstands - slightly larger to fill the space - and a nice contrasting color - the black sort of gets lost.   AND a tray style top with a lip would help tremendously with the cat issues. What do you think?

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