Bed Basics with Leesa

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

One of my favorite things about Lucy's room is her new bed.  I love the Jenny Lind bed from Land of Nod but what I really like is how comfortable the entire bed due in large part to her new Leesa Mattress.  There are several companies out there that offer a foam mattress that ships to your door and that you can try for 100 days. Leesa's mattress is definitely the best of these options.  Here is the Leesa Mattress when it was delivered.

We  got the mattress a little before the bed. Having it shipped compressed into the box made it so much easier to store until the bed arrived. If you recall, Lucy was very surprised when the bed was delivered and assembled.

But once we put the mattress on and she got to roll around all over it she was sold!

Dressed with linens from West Elm and Ikea, the bed is casual and comfy. 

Lucy's still stuck in the crib for as long as we can pull that off, but she is becoming more and more eager to try out her big girl bed.  And for now it is a great spot for naps, and bedtime stories.

Thanks to Leesa for such a great product and for making Lucy's room so comfortable and inviting.


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