Lovely Lamps with Barbara Cosgrove

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hi all.  Well, you've seen the nitty gritty of how Lucy's One Room Challenge room came together. Another one of my favorite pieces in her room is the table lamp from Barbara Cosgrove Lamps.  Lamps are a really hard part of the design process for a lot of people.  So many spaces rely too heavily on overhead lighting, but table and floor lamps are key to making a space feel finished. They add an extra layer of light - a warm glow - and allow you to vary the lighting in the room by the time of day and situation. Not only that, but lamps give you more functional focused lighting whether its for reading, putting on makeup or working on the computer. The other problem people encounter is the scale of their lamps. Usually people veer too far in one direction selecting lamps that are way too small for the space.

For Lucy's room I knew I wanted a task lamp for reading at her sofa area.

I also wanted a lamp on the nightstand.  The Mythic Llama Lamp from Barbara Cosgrove was just the right piece. It's large so it has presence but it's not too tall since the nightstand itself is pretty tall already.  It has a certain funky unexpected quality that I love in introducing in kids' rooms.

I've rounded up a few more of my favorite Barbara Cosgrove Lamps for your perusal.

From top to Bottom / Right to Left:

Study Lamp: These are the unsung heroes of so many interiors. The tall candlestick shape works well on a console where you need a little light or sparkle but don't want to take up too much visual space.

Brass Orb Lamp: Love the neoclassical lines of this beauty. She'd also look amazing with a black shade.

Star Lamp in Wood: Love how sculptural this is. It is so modern yet has such an iconic shape.

Extra Large Double Gourd: A classic lamp and great way to add a shot of color to any interior.

Dots in Boxes Lamp: This lamp feels so architectural and the light shining down on that texture is sure to give a dramatic effect.

Building Block Weathered Lamp: Beautiful and classic with a nice square shape which is a bit different than your typical table lamp. Definitely a statement piece.

I am a collector / hoarder of lamps, art and chairs, so writing this blog post will likely inspire a few new additions. Do you have any cool lamps in your home?


  1. I like when floor lamps are in the room. They add comfort to the room. From this it becomes warm at home

  2. Such a beautiful room is like a comfortable and cozy little nest for your little one! Everything has been arranged in a proper manner. I really liked your room's unique design.