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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do you get the penny saver? 

Do you just throw it in the trash, or hopefully the recycling? 

Well, next time take a look.  My friend Jess (yes, another one) turned me onto the penny saver for estate sale ads.  However, this morning I was perusing it and decided to go beyond the sale section.  Just a few of the selections.  I have so many witty things to add, but I think they speak for themselves (sorry, no visuals, but none needed):

Ventriloquest Dummy
30' L, asking $40

Readers Digest
2009 (whole year available), 2010 (January - August) never used, $25 / all

Civil War Book
Picture history of the Civil War, good condition, $7.50

Leather Pants
Men or women, pink, size 12/32 $40

Womens Jumpsuit
Large, purple, Sequence, V-neck, 4 buttons down, unusual, $10

If you want any of these items, email me and I will give you the phone number to call.   Sorry, no interwebs.

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