Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So Scott and I took a vacation day last Friday and somehow with out any prodding on my part, he came up with the idea all on his own to do a tour of LA Architectural Salvage Shops.  How could I say no to such a wonderful activity for a day off?  Now, there are several in Pasadena that we mean to hit up at a later date but this time we just did LA. 

First stop on the list was Silverlake Architectural Salvage.  In a strange sloped lot / warehouse behind Sunset Junction, you find this little Salvage shop.  It's packed to the brims, including the outside. A bit disorganized, but a lot of everything - doors, knobs, sinks etc.

Second stop - Intelligentsia Coffee and the Cheese Store of Silverlake.  If we hadn't been on our way to more locations in a hot car we would have surely bought our weight in cheese.  We were sad that we couldn't do so, but we did get to try some amazing samples.  One day I hope Eagle Rock will be so gentrified as to have its own Cheese Shoppe spelled with two "p"s and an "e".

Third Stop Sunset Bazaar.  This is not an architectural salvage shop so much as a series of 3 small antiques stores in Silverlake specializing in mid century modern furniture.  And there are a few guys in the alley behind that make casegoods and do other sorts of furniture refinishing. Always good to know about. 

Fourth Stop Olde Goode Things.... in a not so goode neighborhood.  Down by the LA mart south of Downtown, this outpost is way more organized than Silverlake Architectural Salvage.  Probably a bit pricier but had some pretty cool stuff. And if you're in the market for a any sized reclaimed tin tile mirror, then you've found the right spot.

Fifth Stop, Freeway Building Materials.  The most haphazard of the bunch.  A funny little place where the 10, the 5, and the 101 freeways all join, I think the guys that own this place pretty much make enough to squeak by and pay the rent so they can spend the rest of their time sitting on their stoop watching the traffic.  You'd have a hard time finding something specific here and you'd probably be run out by the yellowjackets that seem to have taken up residence among all the old toilets, vintage wheelchairs and the like. 

Sixth Stop, Urth Caffe at the Barker Block Live/Work lofts.  I found this a year or so ago when they were still building the cafe.  All sustainable and organic ingredients, the chilled gazpacho was just what the doctor ordered on this hot day.  I wonder what other interesting businesses will spring up in this loft district just East of downtown.

Final Stop  Disneyland!  Nuf Said.