Stylin' Mammas: The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow (Won't It?)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh, late January.  The resort collections are everywhere, taunting me, while the weather stays stubbornly dreary (and, in some cases, downright frigid).  The fall/winter clothes in my closet, which in September seemed so alluring, so covered-up, so...grown-up, are now tired reminders of the pale skin and static hair they are designed to protect.

My sister and I decided to beat the midwinter blues with the midwinter sales a couple of weeks ago.  With her new baby in tow and a mission to outfit her for her return to work after maternity leave, we spent the afternoon browsing and buying, and scored some awesome deals in the process (Ahem, Anthropologie.  Stop reading and go there.  Now.).

This is the time of year when I start fantasizing about Mother Nature cutting us a break, offering one of those rare days when the sun comes out long enough to warm the legs a bit and remind us that someday, but someday, we'll be needing the SPF in earnest again.  In anticipation of such an event, a playful dress might come in handy, with layers -- a vintage cardi, a "come Spring" raincoat -- to ward off the chill (or peel off, in the event that temps climb above 65).  For the walk to work, sensible and timeless rain boots, a sturdy but playful umbrella, and a good tote to keep everything together.  For the walk to lunch as the sun shines high in the sky, some still-sensible and still-timeless wingtips, a killer pair of cateyes, and a necklace that evokes spring just around the corner.

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  1. Just discovered your blog, I love it! So glad to see New Jersey representing :) - I grew up there, it will always be home to me. Look forward to following along with you!