Living Room Roman Shades Complete

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I swear this is my last roman shade DIY post.  I still want to romans one day in my office but I'm taking a serious hiatus from all this sewing and gluing.  We have a big deadline coming up for the house (more on that later), so I've been rushing to complete all my projects. This was one that I've been working on in stages for a while. I found a great grey linen at Gray Line Linens and then an awesome trim at M and J Trimming in the city.  Did the same DIY from Little Green Notebook as before but this time knew to do a few things different.  I made the shades slightly wider than the measured opening since the outside edges of the shade pull in and the mounting bracket sticks out a bit further than the narrowest part of the window opening.  I also tried my hand at creating a Greek Key trim.  Here is the before.

Here we are in progress.  For those of you who want to attempt this, it was fairly easy.  A little bit of math involved and some strategic folding and pressing but it was all glued down with Fabritac.  One piece of advice - put something under your fabric. You will be using enough glue that it will go through and glue your fabric to the floor.

And here is it installed finally.  I sort of fudged this a little.  The glue and trim really caused the sides to buckle in in a bad way so I used some large paper clips to clip the folds to the wood dowel in the hopes that they will create a crease and I can take the clip off in the future. Or I'll just leave it on since these will only be lowered for winter afternoon TV viewing which is not something that happens often in our house.  Regardless, the final product is something I'm pretty happy with.  Yay, one project down - 3 more to go!!!