Chair DIY Update

Monday, November 4, 2013

Last week I shared my recent purchases and some thoughts on how I plan to update those items. Well, I've made some paint color choices on the step stool and hope to get that knocked out in the next week or two. The chair I've been going back and forth on. I had two large fabric swatches that I found in my files that would work perfectly for this small reuphostery project (yay for free fabric!).  The first is this Dwell Studio marbelized black and white pattern. I like that it is dark (don't want a light seat cushion) and organic. I envision it with a sort of forest or kelly green paint on the chair.
 The second is this Beacon Hill fabric which I fell in love with recently.  The chair could be done in a turquoise / teal color.
At first I was leaning toward the latter but now I'm thinking I prefer the green and the more neutral fabric so I'm not as locked into a color scheme as with the other. I also am in love with this Christopher Farr Cloth textile which I think would work really nicely with it (perhaps as a window treatment or large pin-up board?  I'd actually found a comparable fabric by Sarah Campbell for West Elm a while back but they seemed to stop making it (boo! considering the price on the Christopher Farr option).

Which chair option do you prefer? And what are your thoughts on the West Elm vs. Christopher Farr fabric (I love the pricey option, but is it worth it?)


  1. all are gorgeous, but I particularly love the Beacon Hill fabric. Where are you putting it in your home...maybe that will help you decide? And, I would say the pricey fabric is worth it, if you are going to keep it for a long time.

  2. Thanks Emily. I'm putting the chair in my office and the christopher farr fabric I want to use as a pin board (obviously not if I choose the beacon hill fabric for the chair. I sort of like the greys / green / blue as a scheme. I think it could work well with some of my hardware as well.

  3. I also love the Beacon Hill fabric and it would look great with turquoise on the rest of the chair, but my apartment is filled with turquoise so I am a little biased :)