Stylin' Mamma: Transitions, Transitions

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I recently became a fan of the designer Heidi Merrick.  There is something unfussy about her designs that appeals to me, a certain California-cool.  Even her leather pants (vegan, of course) are designed with a little more room to move...these are clothes to live in.

February and March are such transitional months for me, fashion-wise.  I'm totally over winter at this point, but it drags on with gray days (and in most of the country, ice and snow on a Biblical scale), even though the shop windows start to fill up with spring and resort collections.  How to bridge the gap until April?

Shoes are a good place to start.  Something floral, something playful, something to lighten up the inevitable heavy outer layer (further helped by a bright hue).  An unusual cut elevates this blouse, while pretty danglers and a conservative bag keep it all office-appropriate despite the daring fabrics.  Leather for day?  Living on the edge?  The edge of winter, the edge of spring...a gal's gotta find her fun somewhere.

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