Stylin Mamma: If You Can't Beat 'Em

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I have two colleagues who run together a couple of days a week, and when they run, they look SO cute.  Like catalogue-cute.  So cute that after a weekend run they have been known to stop for mimosas and do a spot of shopping or something, completely un-self-conscious and all a-glow from the workout.
Now, I like to think I have mastered Desk-to-Dinner dressing, but Sweat-to-Sauvignon Blanc dressing is another skill set entirely.  For one thing, it requires an investment in one's workout attire that goes a step beyond, say, recycling 14-year-old college t-shirts or only buying from the seconds bin at Ross.  But lately I have been thinking that Stylin' Mammas such as ourselves could learn a thing or two from this workout-clothes-as-street-style way of dressing.  

Because -- let's be honest -- our lives are basically one long sprint.

It was in this spirit that I made my first foray into (gulp) Athleta and bought a pair of shimmy shorts, a sexy tank, and a go-anywhere cropped sweatshirt.  

With a pair of Nike Frees, wayfarers (I'm obesessed with these in leather!), and an iPhone case that can hold a spot of cash, I am good to go for the burn while looking sleek and put-together.  Then, with a quick splash of water on the face, I can ditch the sweatshirt and switch to my fave new glad-flats for an easy weekend summer look.  

Form, meet function.  Now, pour me that mimosa.


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