Stylin' Mamma: Sweat it Out (or Don't)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

At my main client site, I share a closet of an office with a colleague who has become quite a good friend and a serious shopping partner in crime.  Lately she cannot stop laughing at me and my TOTAL OBSESSION with the "track pant" craze that is sweeping the high street.

Track pants in every fabric!  Chic and functional!  Even as I write I am wearing a cozy terry pair from Old Navy; later I plan to switch it up to a khaki rayon pair by Hive & Honey, styled with heels (heels! with track pants!) for a meeting.  I am honestly feeling a little sad for my denim, because track pants just might be my future.

So here, for all you Stylin' Mammas out there, is a little roundup of fave fall sweats, from leather to fleece, no running required.  

For casual looks, denim & fleece are a-ok.  Style with your favorite runners or a pair of slip-on kicks, and a big cozy sweater and beanie.
For a slightly uptown look, try a jogger in twill or wool or even leather.  Pair with a killer heel, crisp white shirt, and statement necklace for any occasion.

(Word to the Wise: do make every effort to try on track pants before purchasing.  Length and cuff-tightness can make all the difference in how these fit: you want the look streamlined, not sloppy.  Happy shopping.)

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