Monday, April 6, 2015

Last Tuesday at my client site I suddenly realized I’d worn the exact same outfit four days in a row.  Not the exact same clothes, mind you (ew) but the exact same outfit of dark skinny pant, white top, blazer, pointed-toe shoe, and necklace.  Saturday night, Sunday day, Monday, and Tuesday.

“But that’s what you wanted to do!” replied my colleague.  “You said you wanted to move to a uniform.”

“I guess so,” I mused.  “I just didn’t expect to be so literal about it.”

We all have a uniform.  That mom in the park with the red clog mules and the red lipstick and the vintage cocoon coat over her boyfriend jeans?  Uniform.  The other one, in the ponytail and the Lulu pants and the purple running jacket?  Uniform.  I would love to say that my uniform involves a lot of really special pieces and retro lipstick but my uniform is in fact EXACTLY the outfit described above.

The realization has been somewhat liberating.  I’m buying less.  Because no matter how much I love that embellished blouse, I’m never going to wear it.  On some, unconscious level I will always pass it over for the basic white shirt hanging next to it.  Every time.  I used to buy special, sparkly things and then literally plan to work them into the rotation, but lately that just seems like too much work.

Keep It Simple, Stupid.  Know your game.  Rock your game.

My game is pictured here.

- Skinny Jeans
- Perfect Tee
- Blazer
- Flat City Sandal
- Pointy-Toe Flats
- Cross-Body
- Easy Dress
- Tennies
- Sunnies
 - Jaime

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