Just for the Kids: Crazy Hair Day

Friday, July 24, 2015

This post is far off topic from the art market but I couldn’t resist writing about Crazy Hair Day. Preparing for this camp tradition is special bonding time for me and my youngest daughter Gabrielle. It is a true collaboration and I’m amazed at my daughter’s creativity and level of patience. In years past she’s worn Pippy Longstocking braids, a water bottle cone head and cupcake pig tails but this summer’s creation has been my favorite so far.

We scoured Pinterest for ideas and were both inspired by the Mustache hair clip.  Using this as our springboard, we headed to the Dollar Store to buy cheap supplies.  We grabbed pipe cleaners, googly eyes and kid-sized the Groucho glasses. The night before Crazy Hair Day we glued on paper and googly eyes to make the glasses look “real”. When we woke up the next morning I secured her hair in a ponytail and separated it into two sections. Using two pipe cleaners, I braided each section and wrapped the ends with a rubber band. The glasses sat on top of the ponytail with the arms of the glasses pressed through Gabrielle’s hair coming out just under her ears.  This took the most time figuring out the correct angle to avoid poking her. With the glasses set, I simply bent the braids up to resemble a handlebar mustache.

I’m not sure how we can top this next year!

-Jessica B


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