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Monday, January 18, 2016

Its Jess B here.  As our construction project is winding down, I'm now switching gears from choosing the permanent fixtures to the softer things that pull the room together.  Art, of course, is a part of the mix for me.

I'm spending a lot of time online looking for art that will help complete the spaces.  I thought it would be a good idea to share my top 5 favorite resources.

1. Minted - Minted is much more then a place to buy wedding stationary.  It is a design-driven marketplace where you can find anything from housewares, stationary and curated art.  Prices are reasonable and even have a mix and match section if you are really stumped on how to pair works.

2. Saatchi Art - Charles Saatchi's estranged distant cousin Saatchi Art is like a supermarket of mediums.  Prices range from under $100 to into 5-figure territory.  The sheer volume of material available, can make the site daunting.  But, with strict parameters, there are unique finds.

3. Etsy - Etsy can also be a black hole of mediocre art. I tend to think outside the box with Etsy and look for things like letterpress and textiles.

4. Art Artists and Artwork - Art Artists and Artwork is actually a Facebook page that I follow.  Their feed features a steady stream of member artists. They do have a limited number of works that can be purchased directly on their website.  

5. 20/200 - 20/200 has come back from their financial troubles from a few years ago.  The site has a large selection of curated prints at great prices points.

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