Stylin' Mamma: Cozy Casual

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Okay, so Gap just released this plaid collab with Pendleton and I might be a little bit obsessed and launching into full-on Fall Lust Mode.

This poncho?  I die.  Somebody hand me a warm, bourbon-spiked-something -- preferably in a cool mug.  (Also: this headband for the Babygirl in my life?  I think yes.)

I know!  I know: last month I talked about how we here in NorCal don't really need "fall wardrobes"...But can we dream a little?  And can we at least buy this bag?  Please?

For starters, there are these boots.  Which -- full disclosure -- I happen to own, and which I feel would go so nicely with my hypothetical poncho. (Particularly if paired with cropped trousers, like these.)
For tops, I'm a layering girl, so I might throw on a graphic tee shirt with a vintagey cardigan that will work inside or out.  

(If this is all feeling a bit too California-casual, we can always inject a wee bit of glam with a statement lip (at a gateway price).  I just bought these on a whim from Sephora and I'm totally obsessed.)

Okay, I admit it: I probably won't get the poncho.  But I hope you do.  And I hope you wear it apple-picking or leaf-peeping or something charming like that and write to tell me about it.  

Stay cozy, Mamas.