Stylin' Mamma: Sneakerhead

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I used to walk miles in my three-inch heels.  Literally.  My second year out of college, my commute to work was a two-mile walk, and back in those days I wouldn't dream of messing up my look with tennis shoes, so I just walked in the heels I was going to wear that day.  

Up to 4 miles.  Every weekday.  In heels.

At some point I realized I was an idiot because: a) foot and back injuries, b) damage to my shoes (!), c) walking slow.  So I got some pink Adidas and rocked those for a few years.  Commute-only shoes, to be clear. 

Then I had kids and got wise to the sneaker game.  I am lucky that fashion kept up, too, and people like Phoebe Philo and Karlie Kloss started making sneakers cool again.  Now, my sneaks are my go-to picks on any given day, and my lust-list revolves around cool kicks.  

I don't need to tell you about the Stan Smith obsession sweeping the nation (see: every Instagram post ever).  Instead, for your browsing pleasure, a few more off-the-beaten favorites to take you from workout to work to play (and back again).
Adidas Gazelles (aka, not the Stan Smith)
Nike Blazer (that red shearling lining, though)
Superga Platform (stars!)


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