Before and After

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Every once in a while I like taking a little tour of my past residences in Google street view.  It's a fun way to reminisce and catch up on changes that have happened since our tenure - at last, they replaced the windows on our old Boston apartment building, the Robert Stern condos next door to our Brooklyn place are finally complete, and oh look, there's our neighbor from Park La Brea standing outside his front door!  Today I took a little tour of our current residence.  I guess on a little street like ours, Google doesn't update the views so often.

Wowzers!  We really gave the place a hair cut since we moved in!




  1. WOW is right! And it just looks so much better.

  2. do you think the city would mind if we cut down the awful sign?

  3. Wow, you clear cut the yard. Much nicer now.