Walkway Rescue

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before the torrential rains and floods in Australia there was the LA Basin flood of 2010. You guys know what I'm talking about. Remember those crazy photos from before Christmas where there was a foot of mud in downtown Newport Beach? Well, we pumped 20 gallons of water out of our semi-subterranean rec room.  Thank god for shop vacs and a tile floor.  The culprit was a walkway that sloped toward our house and a 6" hollow spot underneath that created an underground river when it rained.  Well, we finally had it torn out and re-done.
 The new and completed walking (that slopes AWAY from the house!)
I know, it's not one of those wonderful before and afters that everyone oohs and ahhs over but when you spend money on something and you're happy with the results you kind of have to boast about it no?  Invite me over and I'll be happy to give you props for your new water heater, updated wiring, and copper plumbing before I even mention the paint job, decorative tile, and beautiful window treatments.


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