More improvements

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well, I haven't gotten to posting about our DIY wall shelves that we did over the weekend. Waiting to populate the shelves with books and accessories before I officially unveil them. Along with the shower curtain, we got the final large piece for the baby's room - the Ny Chair Rocker.  I was trying to convince myself to go with something more economical but everything out there baby rocker wise either costs twice as much as the Ny Chair, is crazy ugly (as in looks like it belongs in a hospital) or requires another DIY refinishing project (I think I've had my fill).  So the Ny chair it is.  It also helps that this is a piece we can keep for a while (it's in the Moma's permanent collection), it's not baby specific, the cover is washable (for those spit ups), and it is ridiculously comfortable. Oh, and if you haven't followed my blog from the beginning, it holds some sentimental value as my parents had this chair when I was a baby.


  1. It looks amazing! Especially love the stripes on the ceiling and the rug.

  2. Lookin' good, Jess. I love the orange touches you've added. It's a cute room!

  3. Love it! And hilariously, we have the same Ikea shelves and baskets organized in the exact same way.

    Sending you all good wishes and much love!