TBD Art Project

Thursday, September 8, 2011

So a while back Scott and I encountered this ridiculous sale at Blick Art Supply. We were in the market for a very large stretched canvas for our living room.  The sale was such that the more canvases you bought, the more you saved.  We walked out of the store with one 6'x7' canvas and twenty 4"X 4" canvases which cost about 30% less in total than had we bought the large canvas alone.  After bringing said canvases home, the small square canvases sat in the cabinet for many months with no intended use or application. Along came pregnancy and TBD's (The Baby Davis') imminent arrival.  Since TBD will be born in the Chinese zodiac year of the rabbit, we thought what better way to celebrate his arrival than to have twenty of our closest friends and family paint a canvas in his honor to be mounted on his bedroom wall as one large piece of art?  We are so honored that everyone was on board for the challenge.  Thus far we have received 10 canvases back with a wide range of interpretations of the bunny theme.  We can't wait to see what all twenty of them look like together. Here is the collection thus far.


  1. AAAACK this turned out SO cutely!!!! So touching, personal, and unique! Can't wait to see the rest!