10 Things I Can't Live Without

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I always find those little articles in magazines interesting. You know, the ones in Elle Decor or Vogue where they interview some tastemaker and get them to divulge the ten items they simply can't live without. A lot of times the list includes Louis Vuitton luggage or Nars Lip stain or some such frivolous item. But there is something to be said about distilling your own personal brand and image down to 10 items. It's an interesting exercise.  I decided to do it the other day - ok, I actually have been thinking about this for like a year now, and it's been so long because I've found that it really IS just that hard to narrow yourself down to ten items.  I'm an interesting multi-faceted person and ten is just not enough!  Not to mention that when you start listing things you start having thoughts like, "Wow, there are way too many food items on this list!" or "I really have a simple makeup routine so why are three out of my 10 things makeup?"  or "Does listing my Gucci horsebit hobo make me seem pretentious?" and of course the kicker "If I were stuck on a desert island would I really want any of these items?"  That said, I think I've narrowed it down to the following items - most of which would not be all that useful if I were stuck on a desert island. I guess I'll just have to take my chances.   I'd be curious to see what you think they say about me. What would your ten items be?
Vegemite - I was born in Sydney Australia and have had an affinity for the tangy salty spread ever since I was a kid.  Vegemite and butter on an English muffin? Now that's what I call breakfast.

Ramen - On a savory note again.  I could probably eat noodle soup every day of the week. Especially spicy Japanese ramen. But I love pho as well and the duck noodle soup they serve on Cathay Pacific in the middle of the night.  I even love top ramen - doctored with egg, bok choy and Chinese hot sauce of course. 

Silver Birkenstocks - These are my go-to summer weekend shoe.  Living in California, though, I can wear them most weekends, so they won out over my Madewell riding boots.  So comfy and stylish and casual at the same time. 

Loreal Voluminous Mascara - I've been using this Mascara since I don't know when.  It makes your eyelashes full and long without being clumpy.

J Crew Matchstick Jean - I bought my first pair about 4 years ago and love the in-between skinny and boot cut.  They're great for rolling up and can be dressed up or down.

My Black 2008 Honda Fit - They don't call it a Fit for no reason.  This car is SO versatile.  Granted now I drive the SUV because of the baby and Scott gets to drive the Fit to work, but this bad boy really gets the job done. The back seats fold completely flat for a huge amount of space and they also fold up giving you lots of vertical room.  I've fit 6 dining chairs in this tiny car before as well as an entire wedding's worth of flowers.

IKEA Svalka Bistro Wine Glasses - When we had our housewarming party we bought sixty of these glasses in lieu of plastic cups. It was the greener and classier alternative. They're great for that house red you're having with pizza - for those nights when a wine glass with a stem is just too fancy. And less then a buck a piece, you don't feel bad if you break one occasionally

Black Sharpies - These are like my version of duct tape. I use them for everything. From filling in scratches on my black heels to touching up the edge of our study room desk where the chair has hit one too many times. Black sharpie made it so that my black bumper didn't look quite so dinged up by all the curbs and walls I've backed into.  And I've even used a black sharpie to turn a brass chandelier canopy into a black one when I couldn't find the color I needed.

Kenzo Parfum D'Ete  - Another oldie but goodie. When my friend Clare and I went interrailing through Europe after high school we tried on this perfume at every perfume shop we came across. Totally obnoxious. But I was hooked and have been wearing it for the last 15 years.


  1. We use the same mascara and I have my jcrew matchsticks on right now! Great list.

  2. Did you know that somewhere in Japan there is a Ramen museum? I have a feeling you would like it there.

    Also, my sister somehow manages to fit 2 kids {4 and 6 months} and two adults into her Fit so it's name is very appropriate. :)

  3. Yeah - been dying to go to the ramen museum. Jeanine - send me your blog again.