Friday Fancies: April Showers

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This week's Friday Fancies has me wanting to do some puddle jumping.
[1] Old Navy Bird Print Blouse 
[2] Brolly Time Necklace
[3] Aubin & Will's Hooded Poncho
[4] Marni for H and M Bag
[5] Original Hunter Wellies
[6] Loft Dark Rinse Skinny Jeans
[7] Pretty Dome Plaid Umbrella


  1. What an adorable outfit! I would love some rainboots like those but it never rains in LA so I can't justify the purchase :(

  2. Ha - I live in LA too. I have some yellow rainboots from my New York days though so I bring those out at the slightest chance of a shower.

  3. lovely lovely lovely!! i wished it rained more in LA so i could look cute like this. i love meeting another LA blogger, i'm just about 20 minutes east of pasadena

  4. I would wear this outfit on any rainy day. I went by ON to find this shirt a few weeks ago and they didn't have a single one. I love the yellow slicker with the wellies. Glad to be following your cute blog!

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