Baby Shower Brights

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My friend Jaime from Less on the Floor is back helping me out during our crazy moving bonanza with a fun fashion post.  In fact, she will be contributing more regularly with fun fashion finds for the working mom. Today she's giving us some ideas for the onslaught of spring baby showers. Take it away Jaime:

Apparently it's a season for babies because this month sees me attending not one but THREE baby showers in the span of 10 days.  Thus I am looking at a "shower uniform" which is appropriate for lunch or high tea, and hopefully I can get some general summer use out of it as well.

Love this dress.  In person, it looks and fills a lot more expensive than the price (or retailer!) would suggest.  Mommy loves a bargain.   

Dress will require a belt upgrade, however.  A wise woman once told me that belts that "come with" are generally cheap and poorly made.  This is true.  

These shoes are on my lust list.  Do I need gold platform t-straps?  OBVIOUSLY not.  Will that stop me from jonesing for them?  Nope.  

San Francisco is prone to cold fog in summertime.  I love vintage sweaters for something dressy.

As for a bag, this one is an investment, but can go from party (clutch) to work (satchel) which helps.  

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