My Home As Art

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I know, you're probably thinking, enough about the house already...  We get it.  It's for sale. Someone should buy it.

Well, I swear I'm nearing the end of my little house rampage.  Then we will be on to fun new projects a la Jersey Shore.  But just a few more posts regarding Chez Davis Eagle Rock.  Yesterday Deasy Penner's My Home as Art Blog featured a great little writeup about our wonderful abode.  We had a fun photo shoot with their resident photographer Ralph Starkweather on Friday.  He was even kind enough to do a few fun headshots of me (Something that I was in dire need of now that I'm venturing into the world of sole proprietorship).  Thanks to the Deasy Penner Team, especially Jillian Lustig for such a wonderful feature.


  1. Jess, the post was so nice. I love the eagle's nest and am excited to see the next project. Anyone would be lucky to live there, the hardwork shows your love of design and family. You should be proud.

  2. The house looks fabulous! And I'm really excited for you as you venture out on your own.

  3. Jess, your headshot is great. You look amazing!

  4. Your house looks SOOO good. I love your short hair as well.

    I remember when you posted about the orange coffe table when you gave it a makeover. That is how long I've been reading;-)