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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today my good friend Lizzy is here giving us a little dose of Brooklyn. Scott and I loved Brooklyn when we lived there, but now with a baby and a need for more space and better schools, we're making the Jersey migration (also those crazy intense Park Slope moms scare me a bit!). But that doesn't mean that we can't make the occasional jaunt through the tunnels and over the bridges to get our Brooklyn fix.  Lizzy recently turned me on to Brooklyn Crab which sounds like such a fun place.  I'm looking forward to trying it before the end of the summer.  Take it away Lizzy:

The other weekend a group of us decided to take a little Brooklyn Bike Adventure. Setting off from Williamsburg we rode south to Brooklyn Crab, the recently opened shellfish lovers mecca, nestled on the water's edge in rehabilitated Red Hook. The crab shack stands three stories high above the East River providing scenic views of the Statue of Liberty, Governor's Island, and lower Manhattan.  When you arrive the bustle of the city immediately escapes you, and you are taken to a local beach-side watering hole where you smell the salt water and the fresh catch in the air.  The host jots your name down and casually mentions it will be a few hours, then gives you the run down on the shack's amenities.  Bar to the left, mini-golf and corn-hole in the back yard; we will call your cell when you're up!  We walk away confused and excited, head to the bar, grab a beer and absorb.  The bar's windows are fully open shutters providing unobstructed views south and east.  Families, old, young, hipsters, and Hamptonites are meshed together like a large dysfunctional family enjoying Sunday dinner and one another's company.  A few beers and hours later, we we're seated.  Shortly thereafter our patient and helpful waitress entices us with a Bloody Mary.  The Old Bay infused Bloody is topped with none other than the oyster of the day.  Of course!  The menu is full of raw, steamed, baked, and fried deliciousness.  When heading to the shack I recommend taking a few pals, ordering family style, and plan on a wait, so pack a snack for those hungry husbands.  Leave Brooklyn and the city behind, take in the fresh food, the casual atmosphere and enjoy the little shack in Red Hook.

- Lizzy

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