Goodbye JC

Monday, October 1, 2012

I know a number of you have asked or have been wondering: Where have they been living through this whole ordeal of buying a house and renovating?  Well now that we're settled in Millburn, I feel a little more comfortable sharing our accomodations for the past three months (and giving you some understanding of why I am SO relieved to be in our house even though it is nowhere near done).  Our Jersey City apartment served us well. It was large and.... well, it was large. Oh, and it had this amazing view.

Otherwise, I'm glad to be out of there (and Bryan is glad to have his high chair back)

And happy to have more than 2 square feet of counter space and a sink that doesn't leak into the apartment below.

And elated that my child can sleep in his crib again (it gets a little unnerving when the pediatrician keeps asking if he's pulling himself up in the crib and the answer is "no, because he's been in a pack-and-play for the past three months).

And so glad to not have paper blinds that are sopping wet each time it rains (yes, we have temporary paper blinds in the house right now, but don't have the same water problems).
And probably the best part is that I live IN our house which means I don't have to drive back and forth every day to monitor our renovation and attempt to find local places to feed Bryan and eat lunch (lunch at home - yay!).  Can't wait to share more of our new place with you as we get settled.  Hurrah to be over the JC hump.