Hardware Update: We're Expanding!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thanks to all of you guys out there pinning and re-pinning my hardware, we've done a good amount of sales in the first three months since Nest Studio's launch.  I've even run low on some items and had to do a second production run. Good problems to have!  Up next are a few additions to the line coming in the new year.

And one of the most exciting pieces of news is that we've been picked up by three showrooms, two in my home state of Texas and one in Georgia: Fixtures and Fittings in Houston, TKO in Dallas, and Matthew Quinn Collection in Atlanta.  Definitely been feeling the southern love.  So all of y'all down south, you now have a place to go and see the hardware in person.  Now it's time to find Nest Studio a home up here in the chilly Northeast and back on the West Coast. Any ideas?
photo courtesy of Matthew Quinn Collection

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