Oh Sandy....

Friday, November 2, 2012

My last post was about Bryan's first birthday party which seems like AGES ago, thanks to our good friend Sandy.  Scott's parents left early last Saturday in anticipation of hurricane Sandy's arrival and we hunkered down Sunday and Monday.  We were expecting something reminiscent of the Pasadena windstorms we endured about a year ago. From inside our house, it felt similar, except this time our power went out and stayed out..... and continues to be out.  And in reality the repercussions have been much much worse.  We have been lucky though, and thanks to some friendly neighbors and a generator, we have been able to stay in Millburn, and stay warm.  We are just now starting to get reconnected to the outside world, and we hope that our power returns on Monday (although who knows when Scott will be able to resume his regular NJT commute into the city). 

Here are some photos from our stroll around our neighborhood the next day (I can only imagine how much worse those on the shore had it).  Those downed power lines are at the end of our block. The poles were literally sheared in half.  What I thought was lightening the night before was actually the substations blowing.  And the block with those four enormous trees down is directly behind our house - a week before I was completely jealous of how shaded and tree-lined that street was.  The night of Sandy, though, I was rejoicing for a front yard free of large trees.

On a positive / side note, I mentioned last week that the living room I designed for friends Kellie and Adam was a finalist in the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest. Well, they won!  Check it out here!

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  1. So glad you are safe! I was talking to my cousin in NJ yesterday and I am still in shock by how devastating this storm was.

    Congrats on the room! What a nice little silver lining after this past week!