The Master Bedroom

Friday, January 11, 2013

So remember back before Bryan was born? I'd done a little concept board for his room and Scott liked it so much that he wanted me to do one for every room in the house (and the end product was pretty much on par with what the board looked like, so now he's definitely hooked) . Now, concept boards for existing spaces are easier said than done. It's always nice to have clean uncluttered images of all the pieces your putting in a room, and that's not always possible when you have a photo of your banged up coffee table with kids toys around it, but the intention is to paint is and re-use it in the space with all the new stuff.  So, needless to say, I never really got around to concept boards for the rest of the house. That's probably why I struggled so much with the look and feel of our bedroom in LA. 

Anyways, we pretty much transferred the decor in Bryan's room over to the NJ house so no need for a board there - really just a change in wall color and some new window treatments will make it feel like a fresh new space.  But the master bedroom here in NJ is still a struggle.  We had it in one arrangement and then shifted the furniture to a new wall and like it much better.  That said, it's nowhere near done. I want to do an upholstered headboard again (this time NOT a DIY) and get a Morrocan Beni Ourain sort of rug since it's colder in these parts. I love the idea of using sconces instead of lamps so they don't block the framed chinoiserie panels that will now be flanking the bed.  Using sconces also frees up some valuable space on the nightstands. And of course one day I'd love to do lucite nightstands to really make the panels pop.  But more immediately, I want to paint the campaign dressers a color.  Since the walls are already a grey that we had decided on, I have to work around that.  Shouldn't be a problem right? I chose the grey after all.  Well, after my orange coffee table incident (after painting it orange I suddenly developed an aversion to that color), I am a little scared of orange and other bright paint colors on furniture.  So the concept boards are even more vital.  Here is what our bedroom looks like now (forgive the clutter and lack of staging, otherwise this post probably never would have happened).

Here are a few boards that I tried out.  Mainly to figure out the wall / headboard / dressers color combo (and obviously that turqoise was a serious contender for the dressers, and clearly I still have a thing for orange):
Here is the final color arrangement.

Yellow headboard, blue dressers (but not too bright!).  I bought the yellow pillow in the above picture at Target today and I'm loving the brightness it brings to the room. Now to figure out what to do about the bedding (I think the white with the lines is too similar to the rug concept) and what to do with the windows.  Any ideas? I'm sort of digging something block printed or colored on the bed? Or maybe a simple roman shade on the window with a contrast band?


  1. May I ask where i can purchase the wall light?

  2. I love the lighting in your master bedroom- can you please share where the drum shade light fixture is from?

    thank you!

  3. I love this gray color! Do you mind sharing?