Kid's Room Art

Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's funny as a designer to have a toddler child.  You are constantly trying to figure out how to corral said toddler's stuff and keep said toddler safe while also maintaining a sense of design in your home.  Sometimes you're successful, and sometimes you're not.  This is what Bryan's room looks like on a typical day.

Eventually he will have roman shades, but as you can see, the book ledges are unkempt and his baskets have exploded on the floor.  The plastic toys which I tried so hard to avoid, have come out in full force and aren't exactly my favorite accesory.  I think longingly of the days when he was an infant and his room look so pristine like this.  Anyways, I'm still at it, trying to make his room look cool.  Originally he had a large map over his crib, but the map didn't fit in the bed niche in the new room.  So I brought in these two old mechanics posters that had been in our family room in LA. I actually think they look great here. They are less generic than a map. They really tie into the colors of the room and have a certain "boy" quality that will grow with him. Of course, if he ends up being a car mechanic I will have to blame the art choice.


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