The Master Bedroom - swing arm sconces

Monday, March 18, 2013

Remember back when I was brainstorming all these color schemes for our master bedroom?  Well, I changed my mind yet again. To jog your memory, here is what the room looked like most recently.

I was at Calico Corners and found this awesome black and white diamond fabric and thought it would look great as draperies in our bedroom.  This meant that the original beni ourain rug concept was out (since that's just too much black on white diamond action).  So, in rethinking the room I decided to go with some sort of oriental rug (currently I have a West Elm overdyed rug as a stand in on my concept board even though it's more red than I'd like).  I also added in some of the bedding and pillows that I recently purchased at Target to make the board more true to life and coherent.  And I put in some Pottery Barn nightstands that I think are lighter and let my chinoiserie art show through (although Scott doesn't like them from a practical storage standpoint).

The Restoration Hardware swing-arm sconces were on sale recently so I decided to purchase them and pay for them by selling my original ceramic lamps. Luckily I have a taker.  I'm excited to get that one done and in place. 

I'm still not totally convinced about the scheme although it's starting to come together.  I think what is throwing me off is the wall color. I t's too green.  So the question is do I design around the wall color or just have it repainted at some point down the line so that I can better wrap my head around the whole thing. What do you guys think?  I'm sort of wanting a white room somewhere in the house? Or maybe making it more of a true grey - like a dark charcoal?


  1. I think this sceme came together nicely!

  2. I agree that you need to rethink the wall color. I can't tell exactly what that color is from my computer screen but yes it does look a bit too green and muddy. I feel it's a little drab and sad, which seems incongruent with all the other pretty things you have in there. Dark charcoal would look GREAT with the yellow pillows and the carpet too. It will also set off the sconces nicely.
    Really like your blog and I LOVE what you did to your kitchen floor!!!

  3. Thanks Caitlin! Love the input

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