Kitchen Update Part I

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sorry for the blog silence these days. Been busy with house stuff and all the fun activities that come along with spring time.  Recently I've been focusing on the kitchen and getting that finalized in time for our deck completion.  The other day I took a trip to Homegoods  - wanted to see if the one here was any better than the Homegoods near our house in LA.  People keep hyping this place up and the one in LA had been super disappointing. Well NJ Homegoods did not disappoint.  I found a table that I thought might work in the breakfast nook. Stupidly I didn't take a photo of it, so when I got home, had to describe it to Scott, who agreed that at just over $100 it seemed like a good deal. A second trip to Homegoods ensued to purchase the table.  I got it home and we looked at it in the nook and weren't thrilled with the bulbous pedestal base (especially under our bulbous pendant light) and also realized we could get a slightly larger table. 

It still looked nice though and it was good to see that a table, and in fact a larger one, along with chairs could fit in the space and not seem cramped. 

Third trip to Homegoods ensued to return the table.  Now we are on the hunt for a new option.  Here are some contenders. 

Really love the top one from Shades of Light but it's ridiculously pricey (like 10x the price of the Homegoods option). And I think pair of these chairs from Serena & Lily are a slam dunk for this area.  The bottom tripod table from West Elm seems like the right size and a good option if we do a patterned cushion on the bench seat (Scott worries the table isn't interesting enough). And the third one, also from West Elm, I like but worry it might be a tad large and might have the same shape problem as the one I returned. Thoughts, suggestions and comments welcome!  Can't wait to get this space whipped into shape.


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  2. Those chairs are amazing! And while I do like the shades of light table, I also think that the tripod table would work well. I do not think that it is too uninteresting for the space either. I think the other table is too close to the one you already tried. Great choices though, I love your kitchen.

  3. Your hard work bring a good result. I like kitchen's floor design. And view from the window is gooooood.

  4. I'm loving that white West Elm tripod table paired with those amazing Serena and Lily chairs! I feel like the sculptural white table would keep the space feeling clean and tie in with the bench seat. Love your kitchen!

  5. Thanks for the comments! Of course now I am thinking of a different bistro chair.... more on that later!