Kitchen Update Part II

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alright, so here is the rest of our kitchen update so far.  On Sunday after our final trip to Homegoods, I bought some cheap-o Home Depot bamboo shades at about $30 each and decided to test them in the kitchen.  The new window in the breakfast nook doesn't have the same depth as the rest of the windows in the house so I opted for an outside mount here.

In the kitchen window I did an inside mount so that the shade wouldn't hit the paper towel holder.  I was worried that the two mounting methods would look strange together but since they are across from one another and you don't really look at them both at the same time, it ended up being fine. The inside mount was much trickier and I had to do some altering to the mounting hole to get it to fit (I only had about an inch of depth to work with in the window frame).  And then once I got it up I realized that the two shades were slightly different in the valance area - one of the perils of buying cheap shades.
After a little surgery with a staple gun on the RH shade, they're a little better aligned. 

For the price, and considering that we won't be raising and lowering these very much, I think they work great. 
What home improvement projects are you up to this spring?


  1. they look great! and, i bought the exact same shades from home depot a few months ago, and i have raised and lowered them many, many times and they are still work perfectly!

  2. The shades look amazing! Did you have to cut them down to fit and do you know the name of the blinds you used - the color is perfect.

  3. Love an inexpensive bamboo shade! The warm wood tones are a great addition to your space!

  4. The style was providence and it was whatever they had at Home Depot. I measured my windows and they had a few different sizes and these fit. No cutting! They are way longer than my windows but since we would never lower them all the way it doesn't really matter!