Stylin' Mamma: Monochrome

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Greetings from August in the City by the Bay!  Those of you who've traveled here on a summer vacation (or read any Mark Twain, for that matter) know that while these may be "summer-casual" months at the office, they are also foggy & windy months at the park, which is why most of us default again and again to denim.

A recent foot injury has me re-thinking footwear to accommodate arch supports or medical tape at least a few days a week (you know how I love my heels...), so I'm making like a hipster in Chuck Taylors (the hi-top feels fresh, no?) and black super-skinnies, with that most versatile wardrobe staple, the White Tee.  A bunched-sleeve blazer will work equally at the office or with a funky LBD at the occasional summer soiree.

Because a girl can still dream...this upside-down diamond ring is tough and glammy (unleashing my inner Gwen Stefani), but back in reality-ville a subtle arrow necklace is appropriately understated.

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