Stylin' Mamma: Travelin' Light

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer travels by plane, bus, and car have had me searching for the PERFECT black dress.  You know the one: won't wrinkle, will be comfy on the four-hour drive to the mountains, can be styled appropriately for dinner in East Hampton...the Do-Everything Dress.  With my suitcase packed for our two-week vacation and 55 minutes to go before picking up the kids from camp and hitting the road, I set out on a mission, a quest, to find this dress.
Of course, I came home with two.

For the Sporty-Spice mamma, there's Lucy.  The fabric is a little on the tennis-y side but the neckline is flattering as heck and the built-in support avoids the constant summertime Undergarment Conundrum.  With flat sky-blue sandals, statement sunnies and a beach bag fit for a family of four, it's a travel no-brainer.

For a slightly softer look, consider this from Curator. Throw on a few happy strands of beads, replace the flip-flops for something a little sexier, brush out that beach hair and call the babysitter.  Mommy's got a date. 

- Jaime

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