Stylin' Mamma: Jonesing

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

With two children getting bigger and bigger, our high-rise apartment seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  Case in point: just this morning I opened the hall closet to pull out laundry detergent, which displaced the Halloween costumes we've hidden on the top shelf.  The pink cowgirl hat hit a crystal vase that usually lives on top of the wine rack but for some unknown reason got stashed away, and the vase hit the iron that resides next to the detergent, and before you know it I was ducking for my life as the iron came crashing off the shelf onto the vacuum cleaner, nearly missing the fishbowl and the wrapping paper on the way down.

City living just might kill me.  

But I love it, which leaves me with no choice but to purge, purge, purge, which is precisely what I am doing this Fall.  My closet has been hit the hardest as I take an unsentimental look at my wardrobe, my lifestyle, my personal style...not to mention a slew of old photographs.  Does something look ugly in a picture?  It's OUTTA here.

Consumed as I am by this spirit of minimalism, I am having some trouble getting into Fall Fashion Fever -- which, I will admit, is rather unusual for me.  Instead of making a long list of new clothes, I am jonesing simply for a few fabulous touches to lend the old a feeling of new.  

As ever, denim is my building block.  After that, from day to night, it's accessories all the way home.

- Hat
- Bag

- Jaime

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