Jess B Kitchen Reveal

Monday, October 31, 2016

Its Jess B here. Yikes! Its been well over 6 months since I've written an update on my house renovation.  Well, we are moved back in and thrilled with absolutely everything! The floors turned out warm, rich and actually easy to maintain and the paint scheme gives the  whole house a cohesive look.

While I was so proud of my DIY cabinet makeover I did a few years ago, the kitchen is my favorite space from the new renovation.  Check out the before (and way before) pictures here.

We finally got back the professional shots and here is the big reveal.

It is bright, modern and clean. The satin brass Facet Series hardware is like sparkly jewelry for my cabinets. Below are some close-ups of some of my favorite spots.

Here is my hidden dishwasher.  I love how the focus shifts from utilitarian to pure luxury.

Finding the perfect range was a personal quest for me. It definitely deserves a completely separate post on how I chose this functional yet gorgeous appliance.

We couldn't completely hide away our microwave. But the cool pull-out drawer makes it so fun to use.  It only needs a brass curving handle. Maybe this is something Jess can design for the line!
I can't believe that this is really my kitchen. If only I can keep it this clean all the time. Stay tuned for more details on the counter tops, appliances and furnishings.


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