My Powder Room DIY

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hi Everyone.  Thought I'd take a little break from the One Room Challenge for a bit and show you some other progress happening elsewhere in the house.  Last week I showed you some of our exterior projects. This week, a little DIY I did on our powder room walls.  Our powder room has great bones. Love the marble and the vintage faucets and the high ceilings. The mirror is something I brought over from our last house.  Unfortunately this seems to be the one space I did not capture before photos of.  Doh! But you will get the idea when you scroll down to our progress shots.

Here are my inspiration shots.  I'm absolutely in love with this Kelly Wearstler wallpaper but I knew that there was only the slimmest chance that I could actually afford it.

And it seemed very painterly so I figured a DIY was in order. I purchased a silicon comb on etsy (the kind that can be used for painting or pottery).  I snapped some vertical lines down the wall to act as a guide and mixed my grey paint with some glaze to keep it workable. And then I just started in.  Here we are in progress.

It was a little challenging because the ceiling is literally so high I had to stand at the very top of the ladder to reach it.  Thank goodness the room is narrow!

Here it is after it was pretty much complete. Now the outlets really stand out like a sore thumb.

And the final reveal!  I added these great sconces from Shades of Light. They really finish it off! And finally, I styled it with a bunch of plants here, even though in reality there is no window so only faux will work.

What do you think? I'm really happy with the results. Eventually I have to put my hardware on the cabinets and get a fun pendant to replace the boob light (luckily it's so high up you can't see it in these shots). But I'm so happy to have one space so close to completely done!