Painting Lucy's room with Benjamin Moore

Friday, November 18, 2016

Hi All. Well, the One Room Challenge is officially complete and I'm so excited to take a little breather.  That said, there is still lots of info to share on the selections we made, so here is the first of those posts.  When I was concepting Lucy's room I went back and forth about what to do with the walls.  Originally I really wanted to do a wallpaper but I soon realized that was out of the budget.  Once I found her rug, I figured that I had the opportunity to do something more dramatic on the walls. The rug, while patterned, is fairly subtle in coloration. Though I love an airy white room, I was getting pretty tired of how washed out her room was looking.  Benjamin Moore has one of the widest color ranges and such a nice palette of in-between colors that aren't too saturated and aren't too grey so I knew I wanted to work with their swatch book when it came to selecting colors. I ordered some larger color swatches and in the end chose Dartsmouth Green which is a beautiful green that really walks that line between saturation and subtlety. And of course it didn't hurt that Scott went to Dartmouth so I liked the little tongue-in-cheek reference.

Though the room had been painted white it really only took a couple of coats of Ben Moore's Aura paint to get the room looking good. The color saturation and coverage was unparalleled and I love that it is a paint and primer in one.  Anything that helps me skip a step is very much appreciated.  I also love that the paint has no VOC's.

We took precautions and kept Lucy in our room for a couple nights while her walls were being prepped and then painted but the smell dissipated very very quickly. Since this is a toddler room, I'm especially excited that the paint is so easily cleanable and easy to touch up.  The final product is so beautiful.

Can't wait to figure out what room to take on next! I will definitely be using Aura for whatever projects come my way.  Stay tuned for more paint related ideas about what we plan to do on the outside of the house! And a big thank you to Ben Moore for providing such a great easy-to-use product.

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