Upholstering with Crypton

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hey there everyone! How is the Thanksgiving planning going?  Last week I gave you some details on the paint selection and painting process for Lucy's One Room Challenge bedroom.  Today, I wanted to tell you a bit more about upholstering her love seat.  I immediately fell in love with the lines of her little love seat when I found in on Craigslist.  It was such a great find at just $50.  

Really amazing quality and the 80's upholstery was in great condition - despite the fact that it reminded me of an elementary school photo backdrop.  

We lived with the loveseat for quite some time but when it came time to actually design Lucy's room I knew I had to suck it up and do something different.  I wanted to accentuate the lines of the love seat and also use something extremely durable and toddler proof.  I selected a Crypton called Graceland (color Sorrel) from Calico that I love and complemented it with a rust colored linen on the welting to bring out the lines. I worked in hotel design for many years and know Crypton as a very durable tough-as-nails fabric finish that we used on casino chairs, hotel lobby sofas and the like. It is super stain resistant and repels almost anything.  Often it had a sort of hard / rough finish.  But Crypton has come so far from those days. The fabric I selected is like a chenille. So soft and a beautiful neutral color that I never would have chosen in a standard solid linen or cotton which would have stained immediately. The rust colored linen welting adds a different texture and given it's dark and so sparsely used I wasn't worried about it staining.  

Thus far the sofa has held up super well. I can't wait to revisit in 6 months after a winter of toddler hands to see how well it's faring. I'm sure it will be amazing. Thanks to Crypton for making such a great product that we will love for years to come.