Young Huh: Design Crush

Monday, June 5, 2017

It's Heather Kilmer here, with our Monday morning Design Crush.  This week we are featuring the impeccable work of NYC designer, Young Huh.  Known for her irreproachable attention to detail, Huh intimately layers her clients' history, personality and cultural experiences into their homes.  She states,

"A rule that I do follow is to decorate with family heirlooms even if some of them are not-very-valuable hand me downs.  They have the greatest impact when you group them together."

Like her clients, Young Huh's projects each have a unique style and point of view.

Young also brings a broad global perspective to her work and an extensive range of design styles.  Her discerning eye and design skills allow her to effortlessly work in a variety of styles from classic to transitional to modern.  Always firmly rooted in tradition, her interiors reflect her love of art, craft, materials and textures.  Beautiful fabrics, classic furnishings, and flowers are among her typical palette that create a livable luxe interior.

Check out our @neststudiohardware Instagram feed this week for more Young Huh projects.  A sampling of her work can be found below:


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